Help Us End Homelessness and The Need for Panhandling in our Community.

The Tucson Change Movement is a merchant driven community partnership between the City of Tucson, citizens and private sector organizations that was created to end homelessness in our city. The goal of the Movement is to raise funds through innovative and efficient methods of collection designed to more easily enable our community to conveniently donate in a low friction transaction. We do this through the use of re-purposed parking meters and collection devices located throughout the downtown Tucson area. The Movement is directed by an non-paid volunteer committee representing merchants, the Mayor’s office, City Council members and the City of Tucson’s Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Tucson Change Movement is Extremely Efficient

Our organization was created by tech entrepreneur, local business leader and Chairman of the Downtown Tucson Merchants, John Jacobs to be extremely efficient with an administrative overhead lower than nearly any nonprofit organization in the United States an just 1.5% overhead. That means that 98.5 cents of every dollar collected goes directly to a person in need. Funds go through the Tucson Change Fund managed by the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona and are distributed per recommendation of the Tucson Change Movement committee to nonprofit organizations that demonstrate their effectiveness in providing essential services to those in need.

Put People to Work Today

By adopting a meter your organization is putting people to work through programs including the Tucson Homeless Work Group right here in our community. Giving a handout may feel good for a moment but it does not address the root problem that a homeless person may be facing and enforces dependency on panhandling. Supporting the Tucson Change Movement is a better way to get the right kind of help to those in need. Not a penny of your money goes to buy drugs, alcohol or illicit items and services. Your money actually helps build confidence in a persons life that didn’t think they could get a job and helps connect the homeless to essential services they may not have know are available to them. You’re also providing shelter for the homeless, and feeding the hungry which is more than you can expect will result from a handout of spare change to a person in crisis.

Adopt A Change Meter


Your company logo goes on a placards installed on a Change Meter. You’re listed on the website as a supporter and featured on our social channels.

The cost to adopt a meter is a donation of $2500/year for both sides (2 placards per meter) or $1400/year for a single side *charitable tax deduction. Contact us for availability.

In addition to helping change lives with your adoption of a Change Meter you’re sending a message that in our community we come together and take action when we see a need. Join the Movement with us and let’s change the way we address social issues.


How You Adopt A Meter

Online Donation to Adopt-A-Meter:
  • THEN > Select Your Meter by Contacting: John Jacobs, Director
Tucson Change Movement
  • Or Adopt-A-Meter by Check Payable To:
Tucson Change Fund
C/o Community Foundation of Southern Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85710