We are an all volunteer, “ZERO overhead movement”. We believe is rolling up our sleeves to get things done for those in need and for the greater good of Tucson. You’re part of the movement when you donate spare change or support our efforts through an online recurring donation.

Local businesses, nonprofits, faith based organizations and the City of Tucson have come together to raise awareness and help end homelessness in our community through the Tucson Change Movement. This is grass roots, high visibility, all volunteer campaign that focuses private and public organizations and individual efforts for the greater good.

The movement is alive but we need your help to make it grow. Your spare change joins a growing pool of funds that go towards innovative and effective programs to end homelessness and address issues that accompany homelessness and mental health in our community. When you make a donation through one of the brightly colored #TucsonChange meters in and around the downtown Tucson area, in a participating merchant location, or online, you can be sure that your donation will go directly to those that need it most.

Your spare change and donation will:

  • Fund jobs for the homeless
  • Facilitate a gateway to housing for the homeless
  • Provide shelter for the homeless
  • Provide food for the homeless
  • Provide essential items for the homeless
  • Help provide access to social services for those in need
  • Fund startup nonprofit efforts that may not get funding elsewhere
  • Help end the need for panhandling in Tucson

You can also volunteer to join our board and help us inspire others.